Peter Inouye
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StitcherAds Video

StitcherAds Marketing Videos

I concepted, storyboarded, and designed all assets for these 2 videos. An awesome freelance motion editor helped stitch it all together.


StitcherAds CommerceNext Promo Video

I created this video as a brief overview of StitcherAds’ capabilities. It was run at CommerceNext in New York City.


Omnichannel Advertising with StitcherAds

This video was created to explain how StitcherAds uses online and offline data to craft omnichannel advertising strategies and creative for retailers.


StitcherAds Overview

This video was admittedly an experiment in the early stages of our rebranding process. I wish we could’ve done a lot of things differently, but I don’t regret experimenting with video early in the rebranding process.